Innovation, Technology & Strategy for Vietnam's Refining & Petrochemical Industry
It is our greatest pleasure, on behalf of the Organizing Committee to welcome you to attend the 3rd International Refining & Petrochemical Convention Vietnam 2017, which will be held on April 20-21, 2017, in Hanoi, Vietnam.
Vietnam is set for a surge in refining and petrochemicals capacities in the next five years as investors seek to establish new operations in the Southeast Asian country. Strong growth in end markets and Vietnam's position as a global manufacturing hub are driving production, although there are enduring risks associated with land acquisition and regulatory approval as well as regional market over-supply.
Currently, limited capacity leads to a reliance on imports for domestic conversion and end-product manufacturing. With refinery developments in the pipeline, Vietnam will be able to increase capacities, particularly for polypropylene and ethylene in the medium term. However, slow land clearance and financing problems delay these projects, postponing capacity increases by a number of years.
Aside from financing and land acquisition issues that have delayed refinery and petrochemicals projects in recent years, there is a danger of massive regional over supply that will push down prices in the long term. Externally, the industry is faced with the onslaught of cheap US based production flooding the Asian market, while it will be dependent on refineries for feedstock, which is likely to be more expensive than shale derived ethane.
The 3rd International Refining & Petrochemical Convention Vietnam 2017, schedule from April 20-21, is a 2-day gathering of international experts from all over the world to share case studies, discuss opportunities and deliver solutions for the major challenges faced by the industry. It should be the ideal platform for refining and petrochemical companies/individuals to know the latest updates and explore partnership opportunities for staying ahead of the game.
We look forward to your participation in 3rd International Refining & Petrochemical Convention Vietnam 2017.
3rd International Refining & Petrochemical Convention Vietnam 2017 will bring the key topics that includes the followings:
  • First Keynote Address: Vietnam's Downstream Sector– Opportunities Ahead in a Rapidly Growing Market
  • Industry Briefing Keynote Presentation - Regional Policy Updates and Expecting Its Impact on Vietnam Downstream Industry
  • Keynote Address - Developing Vietnam’s Downstream Manufacturing Capacity – Opportunity  and Challenge
  • The New Reality for Crude Oil and What it Means for Vietnam’s Downstream Industry
  • Maximizing Values from an Eective Strategy Partnership Model in the Downstream Business
  • Market trends in Vietnam’s downstream markets
  • Vietnam Petchem Development Roadmap 2016-2025
  • The Project Insights – Binh Son Refierny and Petrochemical Complex
  • Global Energy and Chemical Industry Outlook
  • The National Strategy on How to Secure Competitive Petrochemical Feedstock for the Next 10 Years
  • The Project Insights – Nghi Son Refinery and Petrochemical LLC
  • Evolving downstream integration strategies to drive socio-economic value
  • A Road Map to Private Refinery Development in Vietnam
  • Review of optimal downstream supply chain in Vietnam, terminals output, productivity increases and safety improved HSE study
  • Industry Practices and Investment in Safety Management of LPG Storage and Reticulated Systems
  • M&A opportunities in global and regional petrochemical industry
  • Examining the Investment Environment, Policy Restraint and local partnership model in Vietnam's Refining & Petrochemical Industry
  • Value Maximization Through Operational Excellence
  • IOC’s View - Technical Challenges and Opportunities in Vietnam’s Petrochemical Industry
  • Petrochemical Industry in Vietnam–Upstream Perspectives
  • Vietnam Commercial and Regulatory Context for Downstream Investment Strategies and Approaches
  • Review of optimal downstream supply chain in Vietnam, terminals output, productivity increases and safety improved HSE study
  • Feedstock Competitiveness in South East Asian Petrochemical Industry
  • The Outlook of Oil and Fuel Oil
  • Vietnam Plastic Consumption-Growth and the Waste-Management
  • Cleaning, Reforming & Harmonizing- A Lesson Learned on How China Deals with Crude Oil Price Decline
  • Use Smart LP Tools to Support the Development of Refinery Configuration Studies
  • Bio-Diesel Market Development versus Fossil Fuel in Indonesia
  • Ensuring Asset Reliability: from Instrumentation Perspective
  • Brown Field Project - Successful Integration into Base Plant / Refinery
  • Implementation of Operational Excellence in Indonesia Refining & Petrochemical Industry
Please email the Senior Conference Manager at to get involved as an advisory board member or as a speaker.


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